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At IRS lending we provide a solution to individuals and businesses to take control of their IRS tax lien debt. Our application process is free, and it only takes a few minutes to apply. We are passionate about finding creative financing solutions, allowing you to take control of your IRS tax lien debt. With flexible interest rates, we ensure you find freedom from the burden of an IRS tax lien! We are Texas’ most experienced direct lender with over 35 years in the industry. Our goal is to offer you an opportunity to be free of the burden of having an IRS tax lien.

Individual IRS Tax Lien Debt

Owing taxes to the IRS is a severe issue that can grow out of control if your tax debt reaches a certain amount. The taxpayer often does not have the ability to pay what the IRS demands, and this is where the IRS penalties and accrual rates can become extremely difficult. IRS Lending will loan you what you need to pay off the IRS and stop these accruals. Fill out our Administrative Inquiry now or call us at 940-IRS-LOAN.
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Business IRS Tax Lien Debt

Just as individuals struggle with IRS Tax Lien Debt, so do many businesses across the United States. Do not let this debt stop your day to day operations. Pay off your debt using one of our structured loans and stop the accruals. Fill out our Administrative Inquiry now or call us at 713-231-1133.

IRS Loan Accrual

Owing the IRS money is a severe issue, but it can become a greater one if you ignore it. The reality is, this debt needs to be paid immediately, and the sooner the better. The IRS can force you to pay using several tools like federal tax liens, levies, and wage garnishments and with that penalties and accruals. The IRS will charge you interest on top of your tax bill and the IRS charges a failure to pay penalty on your unpaid tax balance. That penalty rate doubles to 1% per month if the IRS has sent you many notices to collect and you haven’t made arrangements. 

Example: Amount of lien $100,000 Interest 1.05 Penalty 1.01 Penalty Before Levy 1.05 The penalties and interest will make the original $100,000 levy accrue to $212,479.67 based on the calculations below. 

Amount of Lien Interest Penalty *
Initial Amount $100,000.00 1.05 1.01
1st Month $111,352.50 1.05 1.01
2nd Month $118,089.33 1.05 1.01
3rd Month $125,233.73 1.05 1.01
4th Month $132,810.37 1.05 1.01
5th Month $140,845.40 1.05 1.01
6th Month $149,366.55 1.05 1.01
7th Month $158,403.22 1.05 1.01
8th Month $167,986.62 1.05 1.01
9th Month $178,149.81 1.05 1.01
10th Month $188,927.87 1.05 1.01
11th Month $200,358.01 1.05 1.01
12th Month $212,479.67 1.05 1.01

* Penalty before Levy: 1.03

Penalties and Interest after one year
$ 0

Our Happy Clients

Ray at IRS Lending went over and above his duty to make sure our needs were met and he worked diligently to meet our deadline. I can say without hesitation that he is the right guy for the job when it comes to customer service and professionalism.
T. Kujawa
The team at IRS Lending was very patient with my never-ending questions and was always professional and helpful. I would recommend their services for your financial needs.
M. Naranjo
IRS Lending was able to approve me for a loan in the amount of $660,000 prior to the IRS deadline. I saved over $500,000 after settling with the IRS. Extremely grateful for all your help as this was a huge burden lifted off my shoulders!

Loan Case Highlight

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Loan Cases

Loan Case: $660,000

Recently we were able to help a taxpayer who had a $1.2 million dollar Federal Tax Lien. In less than 48 hours we were able ...

TX CPA Annual Member Conference

The 2022 Annual Meeting of Members and Board of Directors Meeting was held in Round Rock at the family-friendly Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. Our IRS Lending team, Ray Guajardo and Ambrose DeHoyos, had the opportunity to network with over 250 members that were present. One lucky member won an amazing gift basket and a $100 gift card through our event raffle. 

IRS Lending provides a unique lending program that can offer your clients a loan in which we can amortize the payments for 10-30 years, unlike the 7 years that the IRS offers.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at 940-IRS-LOAN. 

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